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Dr. Kinneret Riskin Gaz, a 34-year-old medical professional serving in a significant role at a company, shared her experience treating wounded individuals coming from inside the border. As a doctor, her primary responsibilities include providing initial treatment and stabilizing the condition of the injured in emergency situations. She emphasized how doctors are at an advantage in such positions due to their knowledge of handling emergency situations.

Dr. Kinneret was thrilled when her sister-in-law Hadar went into labor on her husband’s birthday, and she was there to provide support and care during the birth process. Hadar expressed her excitement about giving birth at Wolfson Medical Center, crediting Dr. Kinneret and her husband for making the experience perfect. The Women’s and Obstetrics Department Director at Wolfson Medical Center, Prof. Eran Weiner, commended Dr. Kinneret for her unique combination of combat and midwifery skills in her position as a medical professional.

When asked what message she had for women, Dr. Kinneret encouraged women to believe in themselves and their capabilities, expressing the strength and power of women in various roles. She believed that women should pursue any position they desire with unwavering confidence in their ability to succeed, highlighting their significant contributions to society in various roles.

Overall, Dr. Kinneret’s experience showcased the importance of medical professionals’ contributions during challenging times while also highlighting the unique combination of combat and midwifery skills required for such roles.

Hadar spoke about giving birth while highlighting the support she received from Dr. Kinneret during this crucial moment in her life. She expressed gratitude for Dr. Kinneret’s expertise and care while acknowledging that she could not have given birth without them.

Professor Eran Weiner commended Dr. Kinneret’s work as Women’s and Obstetric Department Director at Wolfson Medical Center.
He highlighted how she brought together combat medicine skills with midwifery techniques to create a powerful combination that is essential for saving lives during emergencies.

In conclusion, Dr

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