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The European Parliament is set to vote on the packaging waste regulation, with the goal of reducing waste and overpackaging, and increasing reuse. The Commission predicts economic savings of over 47 billion euros in the EU with this proposal, which prohibits overpacking and single-use packaging for fruits, vegetables, and small shampoo bottles in hotels. However, with more than 500 amendment proposals on the table, MEPs foresee a complicated and difficult vote.

The Government of Finland has expressed concerns about reducing packaging leading to an increase in food waste or endangering food safety. The law will take its final shape in negotiations between the EU Commission, the Parliament, and the Council of member states. The environment committee of the European Parliament voted on packaging waste in October, with the majority supporting the proposal for at least 20 percent of non-alcoholic beverages to be offered in reusable packaging from 2030.

Despite this support, MEPs have raised concerns about increased costs and negative environmental impacts resulting from reuse goals. The food and brewing industries in Finland have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the Commission’s proposal. MEPs have argued that it does not properly consider life cycle thinking and could lead to unsustainable practices.

The majority of MEPs on the environment committee supported the proposal to offer at least 20 percent of non-alcoholic beverages in reusable packaging by 2030. However, concerns have been raised about potential costs and environmental impact on various industries such as food and brewing industries

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