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Linda Thomas is not slowing down as she celebrates 30 years in enterprise with Eternal Ice Enterprises, a healing center and place to purchase rocks she credits with getting beneficial power. In reality, she’s creating herself even busier as she finds new techniques to spread the word on her belief in healing rocks.

She just released a second book on the topic and will quickly be releasing a Spanish language version of her very first book, “Crystals and Dragons: A Journey of Discovery.”

“There’s a lot extra data to be place out there,” she stated, noting that she has plans for a further 3 books. “The power is shifting and expanding extra potent, that suggests the power we function with in healing is acquiring extra potent as well. And we’re locating new stones that are extremely potent in their power, so this is acquiring the information out about these stones as well.”

Thomas will be signing copies of the new book, “Crystals and Dragons: The Venture Continues: Lessons and Revelations” at her open home from noon-five p.m. June three at Eternal Ice Healing Center at 849 Lane 11 ½. Refreshments will be served and there will be drawings for the new book. Her books can be bought at Eternal Ice and on, exactly where there are also Kindle versions.

Thoma stated though the very first book is extra of a teaching and informational volume, the second touches on life lessons. She added that most of the stones in the new book are distinctive from these in the very first.

“This a single really goes by way of lessons that we discover all through our lives,” she stated. “It sort of specifics the lessons I’ve discovered more than the previous 30 some years, how persons can deal with the power of the stones. It really is individual but it really is not. Numerous persons are dealing with items going on, items are genuinely shifting energetically and persons are wanting aid dealing with some items.”

She’s been there to aid in the field of crystal healing because 1988, when she became certified as a healer.

“It’s an option to common medicine, it is holistic, so persons have a selection now,” she stated. “They can deal with items emotionally or they can go the drug route.”

Thomas stated she understands several persons do not purchase into her option medicine, but she’s all correct with that and stated persons have develop into a great deal extra understanding than in the previous. Early on she stated she owned a bookstore downtown that was protested due to some of the beliefs and the thought that it was against Christianity to think in the energy of stones. She’s pushed back, she stated, and as a member of the Shoshone Rock Club lately gave a presentation about the potent 12 stones connected to the 12 tribes of Israel from the Bible’s Old Testament.

She’s nonetheless passionate about providing data and stones to persons who are interested in her holistic therapies. She stated she tries to carry as several of the stones she mentions in her books in her shop for persons to obtain at “reasonable rates,” specially stones from other continents that persons wouldn’t be capable to choose up just hiking in the mountains.

“I appreciate what I do and I appreciate assisting persons,” she stated. “If I can point out items they could possibly discover, they could possibly do that.”

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