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The ongoing threats of power outages from natural disasters and prolonged cold snaps have raised concerns among U.S. energy regulators about the impact on the electric grid and the economy. In response to these challenges, the Biden administration has announced $3.5 billion in grants for clean energy projects aimed at mitigating climate change and promoting renewable energy. However, there are fears that mounting costs, development hurdles, and regulatory barriers could hinder progress towards a more sustainable energy future.

The first episode of Accelerating Energy, hosted by Ken Irvin of Sidley, features a conversation with Larry Gasteiger, Executive Director of WIRES, a nonprofit organization promoting investment in North American electric transmission systems. During their discussion, they highlight the challenges facing the electric grid and the benefits of investing in energy transmission infrastructure to promote clean energy initiatives.

The conversation underscores the need to overcome regulatory obstacles to ensure the success of clean energy projects and enhance grid resilience as the U.S. shifts towards renewable energy sources. As such, it provides valuable insights into the obstacles that must be addressed to achieve these goals.

Overall, this episode serves as an introduction to the issues surrounding energy transmission and potential solutions that can support a more sustainable and resilient energy system in the U.S.

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