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The day dedicated to girls in science by the UN was held at the Library of Mexico, where a series of activities aimed to promote scientific skills and imagination among young people. The adopt a talent program conducted workshops that required participants to carry out experiments and propose solutions to challenges.

During the first experiment, the girls were tasked with designing and creating a model that would allow objects to remain on the surface of water. They used their imagination and basic information to construct aluminum foil structures, which they verified through observation. The second experiment involved proposing ways to reverse oil contamination in water, prompting reflection and creativity as they brainstormed different strategies for cleaning contaminated waters.

Throughout the experiments, curiosity sparked questions and discussions among the participants as they touched materials, observed, and used their imaginations while completing tasks. Following the experiments, the girls learned valuable lessons about the importance of cleaning contaminated water and shared their newfound knowledge with their parents.

The adopt a talent program aims to inspire young people to observe, learn to predict, generate hypotheses, and interpret data. They work with groups in different states to offer periodic workshops that encourage participation from all ages.

The day ended with presentations about the challenges faced by women in science, emphasizing both successful female scientists’ stories as well as highlighting obstacles women face in pursuing careers in STEM fields. These presentations underscored the importance of encouraging young girls to pursue careers in science technology engineering mathematics (STEM).

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