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Elon Musk is a global entrepreneur with operations spanning the world. His ventures extend beyond the United States, with plants in Austin and Shanghai producing a wide range of components and products.

In the US, Musk’s influence is felt through his numerous ventures. From solar roofs to tunnels built and operated by the Boring Company, Musk has made a significant impact. He also established his own company, Tesla, which has shown mixed results in recent times.

Beyond the borders of the US, Musk’s influence is still strong. With SpaceX launches, ambitious plans for the future, and the acquisition of X (formerly Twitter), Musk’s global reach continues to expand.

Numbers paint a comprehensive picture of Musk’s ventures. While his companies have installed thousands of solar roofs and launched hundreds of rockets, they have also suffered financial losses in the billions. The successes and failures highlight the ambitious scope of Musk’s ventures and his determination to make an impact on a global scale.

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