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In Norway, street sledding has been a popular pastime for years. However, the trend is slowly dwindling. Justin, also known as Garage Avenger, noticed this decline and wanted to see if there was a way to revitalize the activity for the modern era. His idea was to equip a sled with powerful electric turbines that could quickly push the sled and passengers around the ice.

To begin with, Justin acquired an old antique sled that needed refurbishing. He removed the rust from the runners and reconditioned the wood. With a sturdy base ready to go, he set about printing 3D cowlings for the turbines and adding a thumb throttle on the upgraded handlebars. He also added a big battery with an Arduino to bring it all together.

Once everything was assembled and ready, Justin tested out his new electric sled. To his delight, it easily got its passengers up to speeds of 20-30 kph depending on weight and size. The brake built on an old ice skate worked perfectly for emergency stops, making it a huge hit among everyone at the skating pond.

Justin’s innovative electric sled has sparked interest in sprucing up old sleds in other ways too. For example, some people have added suspensions to their sleds for rocketing down unplowed roads, making it possible to enjoy street sledding even when there’s no snow on the ground.

In conclusion, Justin’s electric-powered street sled is proof that traditional pastimes can be revitalized for modern times with innovative ideas and technology. Whether you’re looking for a fun winter activity or want to spruce up an old piece of equipment, there are plenty of ways to make your own unique version of this classic Norwegian pastime.

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