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In a rally in South Carolina, former US President Donald Trump has announced plans for massive deportations if he is re-elected. He stated, “From day one I will support the entire open borders policy of the Biden administration and we will begin the largest national deportation operation in the history of the United States.” Trump emphasized that there is no other choice and called the rejection of the legislative package a great victory for conservatives.

The current resistance from Republicans in the US Senate is due to their rejection of a $118 billion legislative package on migration. The package included changes to immigration policy and a compromise negotiated between Democrats and Republicans linked foreign aid to US border security. However, Trump’s opposition to the reform package put pressure on his fellow Republicans to let it fail, leading to its current rejection in the upper house.

In response to this failure, the Senate is now considering a new package that completely decouples foreign aid from border policy. This move could have significant implications for immigration reform in the United States, as it may lead to even more controversy and opposition from both Democrats and Republicans.

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