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The Detroit Tigers have announced the passing of former pitcher and 1984 World Series champion Willie Hernández at the age of 69. Hernández, a relief pitcher, was the American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner that season. He began his MLB career with the Chicago Cubs in 1977 before joining the Philadelphia Phillies in 1983, where he earned a reputation as one of baseball’s most dominant relievers.

Hernández later joined the Tigers in 1984, where he played a key role on their championship team. During his six seasons with Detroit, he recorded an impressive 147 saves, a win-loss record of 70-63, struck out 788 batters, and maintained an ERA of just 3.39. He was also named to three All-Star teams while playing for the Tigers.

The Tigers organization released a statement expressing their deep sadness over Hernandez’s passing and paying tribute to his contributions to their success on the field. Alan Trammell, Tigers Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations, also released a statement expressing his sorrow and fond memories of working alongside Hernandez as a teammate.

Hernandez’s legacy in baseball will always be remembered as one of the greatest relievers in history. His skills and accomplishments continue to inspire young players today, making him an integral part of baseball lore for generations to come.

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