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Denmark is planning to change its law regarding organ donation, so that all citizens of legal age will automatically become organ donors. Currently, only those who have separately registered for it are on the list of organ donors. If the change goes through, Danes will have to declare separately if they do not want their organs to be used after their death. This change would bring Denmark in line with many European countries, where it is assumed that the deceased is a potential organ donor unless they have specifically declined during their lifetime.

The purpose of this change is to make more organs available for organ transplants, as there are more than 400 Danes on the waiting list for a new organ. The government emphasizes that people would always have the option to get off the list of organ donors, and the relatives of the deceased could also decide that their organs may not be used.

However, there has been opposition to the plan from some quarters. The Danish Ethics Council has recommended against changing the current policy regarding organ donation, arguing that it is an important principle of health care and that there are no clear differences between countries in terms of number of organ donations regardless of whether people are automatically or not automatically on the list.

The Danish government does not want to force its proposal through and wants to arouse a broad discussion on this matter. Last year, 113 Danes donated their organs after death and about two-thirds of Danes have indicated whether they want their organs to be used or not, which would be important to increase this share by turning things around so that a person is automatically on the list

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