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Dagestan is ready to accommodate refugees from Palestine if a decision is made at the state level, according to the head of the region, Sergei Melikov. The territory has recently sent humanitarian aid to residents of the Gaza Strip, delivering 30 tons of aid using a special aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. The cargo was intended for people who suffered during the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Melikov stated that while sending humanitarian aid was a necessary step, it would not be enough for Dagestan to support those affected by the conflict in Palestine. He expressed that if a decision is made at the state level, Dagestan would be ready to accommodate refugees on its territory. Women and children would be given priority for accommodation. The head of Dagestan instructed the regional government to quickly work on this issue.

Chechnya has also expressed readiness to accept 250 refugees from Palestine, demonstrating their commitment to helping those affected by the conflict in the Middle East. The two regions’ offers of support and accommodation show that they are willing to take action beyond simply sending humanitarian aid and work towards finding long-term solutions for those affected by this ongoing conflict.

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