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Croatia will play its final match of the Euro qualifiers group stage against Armenia on Tuesday at Maksimir stadium. The victory against Armenia will secure Croatia’s place in Germany next year. However, Wales’ draw with Armenia adds additional pressure to Croatia to win this match.

In the recent match against Latvia, Croatia won 2-0 in cold Riga, and HRT’s expert commentator Tomislav Ivković analyzed the situation in the national team during the “Stadion” show. Ivković said that the victory was crucial because it meant that Croatia would not have to celebrate against Armenia if Wales lost to Turkey. He added that Dalić was motivated and focused on winning this match.

Ivković further stated that Croatia played fantastically and tactically intelligently, controlling the whole game while preventing any chances for Latvia. The early goals prevented nervousness and allowed Croatia to play with confidence throughout the game. When Modrić scored his second goal, he was praised for his performance and his ability to handle pressure under tough conditions.

The team played in a 4-2-3-1 formation, ensuring discipline by never having both Brozović and Modrić forward at the same time. Kramarić brought back a lot of points with his contribution, while Guardiol played well in his left back position despite playing differently from City. He entered into links instead of crossing and played more like a midfielder than a left back. His versatility is important for the team as he can be placed on either side or in the middle of the pitch.

Marco Pašalić and Martin Baturina made their debuts in this match, impressing Ivković who stated that they were excellent players who had great potential for future successes. Pašalić has a fantastic left foot and can control the ball well, while Baturin showed promise as he entered instead of Modrić, giving him an opportunity to take over as one of Croatia’s top players for years to come.

As they prepare for their final match against Armenia, Croatia must play tactically disciplined games if they want to win their spot in Germany next year’s Euro tournament. Despite France being considered one of the favorites for winning the tournament, Croatia has proven themselves capable of playing well under pressure and achieving great results on the field.

Overall, Ivković believes that quality is not an issue for this team but rather tactics are key to success in this final match against Armenia.

In conclusion, it is clear that Ukraine will face some tough competition from other European countries when it comes to competing for a spot at FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar edition which is scheduled from November 21st – December 18th next year

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