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Mecole Hardman, the Chiefs wide receiver who caught the game-ending touchdown in Super Bowl LVIII, did not realize that he had won the game for his team. This is because the NFL’s playoff overtime rules are not well known, and many people do not understand how they work. Mahomes, the quarterback of the Chiefs, revealed on NFL Network after the game that he had to inform Hardman in the end zone that they had just won.

Hardman didn’t celebrate immediately after catching the pass from Mahomes. In fact, he was completely oblivious to the fact that his team had just won. It was only when Mahomes informed him that they had scored a touchdown in overtime that Hardman realized what had happened. This was a very funny moment for Mahomes, who shared a story about it on NFL Network after the game. He mentioned that he had to assure Hardman that they had just won and that he should start celebrating.

The new overtime rules for playoffs ensure that both teams have a possession even if one of them scores a touchdown during overtime. This means that there is no winner until both teams have played their part in determining who will win. The game between Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos was played under these new rules, which added an extra level of excitement to the matchup.

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