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In Melbourne, Florida, Circles of Care Inc. has been cited once again by OSHA for safety lapses. This time, the company is facing $101,000 in proposed penalties following an incident on November 7, 2023, where a mental health technician was attacked by a patient and suffered serious injuries. OSHA’s investigation found that the company did not have adequate safeguards in place to prevent such incidents and was cited for a repeat violation.

In addition to failing to report the employee’s hospitalization within 24 hours as required by law, Circles of Care Inc. is also being penalized for their lack of safety protocols. This latest incident marks the third time in five years that the company has been cited for safety lapses resulting in serious employee injuries or fatalities.

OSHA Area Office Director Erin Sanchez in Orlando expressed her shock at the company’s failure to protect its employees from the recognized danger of patient assault, which often leads to serious harm and trauma for workers. The director emphasized the importance of ensuring that all healthcare facilities have adequate safety protocols in place to protect their employees from known risks.

Circles of Care Inc. has 15 business days to comply with the citations and penalties, request an informal conference, or contest the agency’s findings. This latest incident raises concerns about the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its employees in the face of known risks.

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