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At the annual gathering of the Boao Forum for Asia, China’s top legislator Zhao Leji emphasized the country’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the global economy. He assured that China’s strong economy would continue to be a driving force for global recovery.

Zhao projected that China’s import and export of goods will surpass $32 trillion within the next five years, demonstrating its significant role in the global economy and its potential to contribute to international trade and growth.

Furthermore, Zhao expressed China’s willingness to collaborate with other countries on technological innovation. This underscores China’s dedication to fostering partnerships and advancing innovation on a global scale.

In conclusion, Zhao Leji’s remarks at the Boao Forum highlight China’s economic prowess and its readiness to contribute to world recovery and innovation. The country’s commitment to openness and collaboration bodes well for international cooperation and economic development in the future.

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