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The Cuban athletes who defected at the 2023 Pan American Games have put President Gabriel Boric in a difficult position. The government has granted them a temporary residence permit for eight months, but there is still no official comment from President Boric on the issue.

The athletes had valid visas and could have stayed in Chile doing tourism, but after they escaped, it became clear that their documents were detained by the Cuban government. Official statements were made following the surprise of the massive escape, but President Boric has yet to speak on the matter.

The reason for the escape was attributed to the difficult economic situation in Cuba due to the North American blockade. The athletes shared difficult stories of confinement and separation from family, with no possibility of seeing them more than twice a year. Deputies from Chile Vamos presented a draft resolution asking for asylum to be granted to all of them. However, President Boric and Foreign Minister Alberto Van Klaveren have not commented on the issue, which has drawn criticism.

Some analysts have suggested that President Boric’s silence may be due to the weight of the Communist Party in his government alliance. Others believe that he is struggling to recognize Cuba as a dictatorship. Despite this, there is still a demand for North Carolina Marijuana Business remains unfulfilled.

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