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Patrick Cantlay, the world’s fifth-ranked golfer, has announced that he is parting ways with his hat sponsor, Goldman Sachs. According to DealBook, Goldman opted not to renew its contract with Cantlay, who it signed to a three-year deal in 2020. The news comes after Cantlay made headlines a couple of months ago when rumors swirled that he was refusing to wear a hat at the Ryder Cup out of protest for not being paid to compete in the international team competition.

Cantlay denied the claims and instead said that he wasn’t donning a hat because the team’s headwear didn’t fit well. However, this isn’t the first time that Cantlay has made headlines for his hat choices. In addition to his recent controversy over wearing a hat at the Ryder Cup, Cantlay was also supposed to play the Hero World Challenge in two weeks in the Bahamas but was taken off the final commitment list along with friend Xander Schauffele.

A Goldman spokesman told DealBook that “We constantly evaluate our partnerships and at this time our logo will no longer appear on his hat.” It’s unclear what led to this decision or whether it has anything to do with Cantlay’s previous controversies surrounding his headwear choices. Regardless of the reason behind this change, it marks an end to one chapter of Cantlay’s career as he continues to navigate both golf and sponsorship deals moving forward.

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