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In the 1930s, second sound was discovered as a phenomenon in which heat is conducted without the transfer of matter. However, its study has been limited by the lack of a direct method for measuring its temperature. A team of physicists have now filled this gap by developing a technique that utilizes a tiny thermometer to measure the temperature of second sound in solid materials at cryogenic temperatures.

This breakthrough provides a step forward in understanding heat conduction and the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. The researchers hope that their work will lead to further insights into the behavior of second sound and its potential applications in the design of new materials and technologies. By understanding the temperature of second sound, scientists can work towards harnessing its properties for practical applications in fields such as electronics and materials science.

The development of this technique represents a major advancement in nanoscale research, opening up new possibilities for studying and manipulating heat conduction at the atomic level. With this new tool in hand, physicists will be able to explore previously uncharted territory and push the boundaries of what is possible with current technology.

Overall, this research is an important milestone for scientists working in materials science and nanotechnology. It paves the way for future discoveries that could have significant implications for our understanding of heat conduction and its applications across various industries.

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