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A new nonprofit organization in Arkansas has launched a website to showcase and publish stories from mothers behind statistical data. The website aims to shed light on the challenges faced by mothers and provide a platform for them to share their experiences.

The site features one story from a mother who struggled to speak up about experiencing suicidal and intrusive thoughts after giving birth to her first son. She was hesitant to seek help from her doctor out of fear of judgement and stigma. However, with the support of the nonprofit, she was able to find the courage to open up and seek help, ultimately finding relief and hope.

The website aims to create an open and supportive community for mothers to share their experiences and access resources. It provides a safe space for mothers to connect and find support, especially during challenging times. By providing a platform for mothers to share their stories, the nonprofit hopes to raise awareness about the challenges faced by mothers and inspire others to seek help when needed.

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