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This week, there are two exciting developments in the world of martech that deserve attention. Firstly, Siteimprove has introduced new generative AI features that are set to revolutionize the way websites are built and maintained. Meanwhile, has launched a new interplay app-coder that is designed to make coding more accessible and efficient for developers.

Programmatic ad tech is changing the game for marketers by allowing them to target their media more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Eric Sandberg, Managing Director at Dynata, explains that in the past, clients would rely on audience demographics or behavioral targeting to reach their desired audience. However, with programmatic ad tech, marketers can now target specific segments with ease and speed.

CMOs have a huge opportunity to add value to their businesses with the technology available today. Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer at isolved, believes that intent data can provide marketers with valuable insights into what their prospects and customers are interested in. This information can then be used to drive programs across the business and improve overall performance.

The SalesStar Podcast has been featuring some great discussions recently. In episode 188, Debbie Braney, Vice President of Demand & Brand Marketing at Glassbox, talks about optimizing customer journeys and how this can lead to increased engagement and conversions. Meanwhile in episode 187, Curtis Tingle, EVP and CMO at Vericast discusses building end-to-end digital campaigns that can help businesses achieve their goals more effectively. Finally in episode 186, Carol Howley, CMO at Exclaimer talks about using email signatures as a powerful marketing tool that can drive sales and build brand awareness.

Overall, these developments in martech highlight how technology is transforming the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. With tools like Siteimprove’s generative AI features and Iterate’s interplay app-coder becoming more widely available

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