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In a recent announcement, the Regional Development Corporation (RDC) unveiled the eight recipients of the 2024 RDC Technology & Manufacturing (TEAM) Fund. This group of businesses is representative of the growth in technology and manufacturing within RDC’s northern New Mexico region, providing a diverse range of services such as closed-loop climate-forward business, precision prototype machining, high-power capacitor assemblies fabrication, molecular biotechnology, brain health assessment technology, materials technology, hand-crafted premium distillery, and small-batch coffee roasting.

The awardees include Broken Arrow Glass Recycling in Santa Fe County, Jona Manufacturing Services and KALTRON Pulsed Power Systems in Los Alamos County, Mercury Bio, NeuroGeneces, and Odysseus Technologies in Santa Fe County, Rolling Still Distillery in Taos County, and Wolf and Mermaid Enchanted Roasters in Santa Fe County.

The RDC Technology & Manufacturing (TEAM) Fund offers no-interest loans to growth-oriented manufacturing and technology-based companies that are on track to create jobs, increase revenues and attract additional funding and investment. Since its inception in 2006, the RDC has awarded $4.7 million in funding to 121 technology and manufacturing businesses across seven counties.

As a private non-profit economic development organization dedicated to serving Northern New Mexico’s businesses and communities through programs such as Business Retention & Extension

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