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As people age, maintaining good nutrition becomes increasingly important for maintaining strength and reducing the risk of disease. However, it can be challenging for older adults to eat healthily due to various factors such as health issues and reduced activity levels. These challenges often lead to a decreased appetite and difficulty in meal planning and preparation.

One common barrier to healthy eating among older adults is decreased appetite. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as medications or illnesses that affect appetite, or simply due to a lack of interest in food. To overcome this barrier, seniors can try incorporating more flavorful foods into their diet, or consult with a registered dietitian who can help develop an individualized meal plan.

Another challenge that older adults face when it comes to healthy eating is difficulty in meal planning and preparation. This can be particularly problematic for those living alone or with limited mobility, who may struggle with grocery shopping or cooking large meals. To overcome this barrier, seniors can consider using meal delivery services or frozen food options that are easy to reheat at home. They can also seek assistance from family members or caregivers when needed.

Finally, access to healthy food options is another common challenge that older adults face when trying to maintain good nutrition. This can be particularly problematic in low-income communities where fresh produce may not be readily available. To overcome this barrier, seniors can consider joining a community garden or farmers market where they can access fresh produce directly from local farmers. They can also reach out to local organizations that offer food assistance programs like Meals on Wheels or SNAP benefits.

Parkview Health offers several resources that could help older adults address these challenges and maintain good nutrition. Their local resources database connects seniors with assistance for food, housing, health services, transportation, and legal support. Additionally, the Parkview Residency Center provides the opportunity for seniors to have a resident physician as part of their care team. This allows for an individualized care plan with oversight by highly qualified physicians and access to the latest health information and treatments.

For more information about Parkview Health’s resources for seniors, visit parkview

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