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AHA’s Community Health Assessment toolkit is a comprehensive guide for conducting community health assessments and developing improvement plans. This resource outlines the necessary steps and strategies for effectively engaging with communities to address health issues.

As part of Community Health Improvement Week from June 10-14, AHA has released new case studies showcasing how hospitals have successfully utilized the toolkit to make a positive impact on their communities. One of these examples is BJC HealthCare, which has implemented an innovative approach to promote health and well-being among community members.

BJC HealthCare focuses on various aspects of health, including financial health and well-being, school health and wellness, infant and maternal health, and access to healthy food options for individuals with diabetes. Through collaboration and dedicated efforts, they strive to inspire community members to prioritize their health on a daily basis.

To learn more about how hospitals are implementing the toolkit to improve community health, explore AHA’s case studies and discover successful examples like BJC HealthCare’s innovative approach.

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