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The application delivers information recording, with customisable fields for ADE’s, study topic demographics, and illness information. Credit: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.

BioVaxys Technologies has acquired clinical research management corporation TAETSoftware (TAETCo), which develops and commercialises the Trial Adverse Events Tracker (TAET) technologies platform.

TAET is a application application that permits clinical study subjects to record and submit clinical trial Adverse Drug Events (ADE) reports to the trial sponsors in true time. 

It has been developed to boost the tracking of adverse events and/or side effects in participants enrolled in clinical trials.

The application delivers study participants with a safe and private hyperlink to instantaneously update the investigators about any adverse events they are experiencing.

The information can be updated onto an on-line database for true-time assessment by trial investigators.

TAET delivers a higher degree of information recording, with customisable fields for ADE’s, study topic demographics, and illness information, as nicely as other study-associated variables.

This delivers the capability for study participants and investigators to direct message every other if necessary.

BioVaxys Technologies CEO James Passin stated: “The acquisition of TAETCo delivers BioVaxys with a third, low-danger, close to-term income creating item, supporting our core company in cancer and viral vaccine improvement. 

“In addition to giving a charge-primarily based item for recording clinical study ADE’s for CROs and study sponsors, BioVaxys will seek to leverage current breakthroughs in artificial intelligence by collaborating with 1 or a lot more players in healthcare information mining to create insights into correlations in between demographics and other variables and ADEs.”

Below the terms of the deal, the corporation issued 24.five million frequent shares to TAETCo shareholders, along with two.five million extra frequent shares that will be payable just after testing the beta version of the application.

BioVaxys Technologies plans to discover the prospective of supplying blinded demographic and illness information to corporations with an interest in healthcare analytics and information mining.

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