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In the aftermath of the recent Israeli strike in Gaza that resulted in the deaths of seven aid workers from the non-profit World Central Kitchen, President Joe Biden has expressed his anger and frustration. This is a rare occurrence for Biden, who typically maintains a more reserved demeanor during ongoing conflicts.

The aid workers were on a mission to deliver food to starving civilians in Gaza when their vehicles were targeted by airstrikes. One of the workers was a dual US-Canadian citizen, adding an extra layer of concern to the situation. The incident has caused significant tensions between the US and Israel, with many expressing outrage at the loss of innocent lives.

Biden released a public statement condemning Israel’s actions, using strong language to convey his emotions on the matter. He emphasized that incidents like this should never happen and blamed Israel for failing to protect aid workers and civilians. This marks a departure from his usual approach, which tends to be more measured and diplomatic.

The strike on the World Central Kitchen workers has raised serious concerns within the Biden administration, leading to intense discussions about accountability and justice for those affected by Israel’s actions. Biden met with a group of Muslim community leaders at the White House to discuss the deaths of the aid workers and hear firsthand accounts of what life is like for Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Some attendees had direct experience with these issues, leading to emotional and difficult conversations during the meeting.

Biden’s strong stance blaming Israel for its actions reflects his genuine feelings on this matter. He has urged Israel to conduct a swift and thorough investigation into why the aid workers’ vehicles were targeted by airstrikes in order to ensure accountability for this tragic event.

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