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The United States President Joe Biden has made an announcement to negotiate a ceasefire lasting at least six weeks in the Gaza Strip. During this time, hostages will be released. He made these comments at a joint press conference with the King of Jordan, Abdullahin, at the White House.

According to Biden, it is crucial that civilians in the town of Rafah near the Egyptian border are protected. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has ordered the country’s armed forces to prepare a ground attack on Rafah where there are up to one million Palestinians living.

The ceasefire negotiations come after weeks of escalating violence between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. The fighting has led to numerous civilian casualties and displacement of people from their homes.

Biden has called for an immediate halt to the violence and urged both sides to come to the negotiating table. He also expressed his concern for the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire and urged Israel to take steps to protect them during any military operation.

The King of Jordan, Abdullahin, also spoke out against the violence and called for peace talks between Israel and Palestine. He emphasized that any solution must prioritize peace and stability in the region.

It remains unclear if these efforts will be successful or if another round of violence is inevitable. However, one thing is certain: civilians caught in this conflict must be protected above all else.

As tensions rise between Israel and Palestine, it is more important than ever that leaders from both sides come together and find a peaceful solution that respects human rights and prioritizes security for all parties involved.

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