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According to the Epidemiology Division of the Ministry of Health, West Nile Fever is on the rise from June onwards, as indicated by data from previous years. In 2024, two people fell ill and one died from the disease, according to ministry officials.

To prevent the spread of this disease, responsible behavior from the public is crucial. This includes draining and drying stagnant water sources, using insect repellents, and removing containers that may accumulate water. The pest control and extermination team at the Ministry of Environmental Protection conducts hundreds of captures and thousands of monitoring of mosquito larvae each season. Infected mosquitoes are tested in ministry laboratories, and alerts are issued to local authorities for immediate treatment.

West Nile Fever is a zoonotic disease that originates from animals and is transmitted to humans through infected birds. Symptoms include fever, headaches, weakness, joint and muscle pain, conjunctivitis, rash, nausea, and diarrhea. Complications such as acute brain inflammation or meningitis can occur in rare cases resulting in death. Dr. Oren Ashet Kathabi, Director of the Department of Zoonotic Diseases from the Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health emphasizes that once mosquitoes are captured they are classified and tested for infection with disease agents.

Dr. Shai Reicher, Director of Pest Control and Pest Control Division at the Ministry of Environmental Protection stresses that responsible behavior from the public plays a significant role in reducing infection and morbidity from West Nile Fever. By following guidelines for mosquito bite protection and habitat elimination such as emptying or changing water in containers weekly and using protective measures against mosquito bites we can reduce our risk of contracting this disease.

In summary it is important to be aware about West Nile Fever incidence increase starting from June onwards based on past data. Responsible behavior such as draining stagnant water sources, using insect repellents

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