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Transfer of NIS 180 million in cash from the northern Gaza Strip under tight security Son and Nephew of Israel’s War Cabinet Minister Killed in Gaza Conflict Justin Herbert sidelined due to finger injury Nokia’s US Failure deemed a Nightmare by Analysts Germany acknowledges the limited protection against Israeli bombings in Gaza

Currently, Austria is facing a shortage of around 24,000 IT specialists in its labor market. This has prompted the country to actively recruit programmers and system administrators at major technology conferences, including one of the largest in the world that attracts specialists from over 153 countries. In addition to recruiting skilled workers at conferences, Austrian companies are also targeting talent from around the world at upcoming IT Job Days. According to the WKO, over 700 skilled workers have already registered for this event.

Austria’s focus on recruiting skilled workers extends beyond just its own borders. The Chamber of Commerce is currently targeting six countries for recruitment efforts, including Albania, Brazil, and Indonesia. The country’s high standard of living and attractive job opportunities make it an appealing destination for tech talent from around the world.

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