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AstraZeneca has recently announced the launch of Evinova, a new health-tech business that will focus on sharing its expertise in clinical trial design and study delivery. This separate business aims to provide solutions to trial sponsors, clinical research organizations, care teams, and patients at a larger scale. By doing so, Evinova hopes to reduce the time and cost of developing new medicines, bring care closer to patients’ homes, and decrease the burden on health systems.

In order to reach a wider audience with Evinova’s solutions, AstraZeneca has formed major collaborations with Parexel and Fortrea. These partnerships will allow Evinova’s digital health solutions to be made available to a broad customer base, supporting the company’s mission to fundamentally improve patient care, drive healthcare transformation, and reduce carbon emissions.

AstraZeneca’s Chief Executive Pascal Soriot expressed confidence in Evinova’s ability to combine scientific expertise with AI-enabled digital technologies at scale, offering a real opportunity for positive change in the healthcare industry. For more information about Evinova or any other related topic please contact Michael Susin at

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