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AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical company, has recently launched a new global health tech business called Evinova. The goal of the company is to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials while making the process more accessible for patients. Evinova will operate as a separate business financially backed by AstraZeneca, providing global services to CROs and pharmaceutical companies in designing, running and monitoring clinical trials.

The creation of Evinova stems from market research that identified a gap in services for these processes. With this new venture, AstraZeneca aims to address the challenges and inefficiencies associated with clinical trials, ultimately making it easier for patients to participate and improving overall trial effectiveness. The technology provided by Evinova will be accessed by customers on a revenue-based model.

In line with its commitment to advancing healthcare and utilizing technology to improve drug development, AstraZeneca believes that Evinova will play an important role in streamlining clinical trials and improving patient outcomes.

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