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Sir David Attenborough, the renowned 97-year-old filmmaker, expressed his concern about an AI version of himself that has gone viral. The video, which shows an AI-generated voice narrating a programmer’s life in real-time, has sparked interest in AI clones and inspired others to incorporate this technology into their designs.

Attenborough, known for his educational TV programs “Life on Earth” and “The Blue Planet,” shared his apprehension about the use of AI. He is concerned that AI technology could be used to create false versions of him, emphasized by his fear of being misrepresented and not having control over his own voice. The video has raised questions about the ethics of using AI to impersonate individuals without their consent.

The creator of the AI-Attenborough has not yet issued a response to requests for comment. However, the popularity of the video suggests that there is a growing interest in using AI to create realistic simulations of people and events. This raises concerns about the potential impact on privacy and security, as well as the ethical implications of creating false versions of individuals without their knowledge or consent.

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