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After a productive meeting with the President of Iran, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reiterated the importance of strengthening the bilateral relationship between the two countries. He highlighted the long-standing cooperation between Armenia and Iran and expressed his commitment to establish peace and stability in the region.

Pashinyan emphasized that despite ongoing challenges, both countries can overcome them through joint efforts and collaboration. He expressed his desire to deepen their partnership for the benefit of both peoples and lasting regional peace.

The Armenian government also stressed its appreciation for Iran’s continued support and cooperation, stating that Iran has been and will remain a special partner for Armenia. They emphasized the importance of working closely with Iran to achieve their common goal of establishing stable peace in the region.

While there are no specific links or websites provided, it is important to note that this rewritten article focuses on the positive aspects of Armenian-Iranian cooperation and highlights their shared commitment to peace and stability in the region.

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