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In the midst of a highly anticipated second round election, Argentine President Alberto Fernández called for respect for democracy on Sunday (19). With his term coming to an end on December 10th, Fernández cast his vote in the ballot box at around 9:45 am in one of the polling stations at the Catholic University, located in the Puerto Madero neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Fernández’s comments came after he was asked by journalists about recent allegations of possible fraud made by Milei’s party, A Liberdade Avança. However, due to restrictions determined by the Electoral Court that have been in effect since Friday morning (18), Fernández did not answer any questions from journalists present. Instead, he encouraged voters to “respect and take great care” of democracy and wished for a peaceful and calm election day.

Despite keeping a low profile during the election campaign, Fernández will conclude his term with approximately 35.8 million eligible voters casting their ballots today. The first round results showed Massa obtaining 36.78% of the votes and Milei achieving 29.99%. With no candidate reaching a majority, it is now up to voters to decide who will replace Fernández as head of state.

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