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In June 2021, Ardonagh Specialty launched Inver Re to bring together various teams following the acquisition of BGC’s insurance business in November 2021. The company has experienced growth in Bermuda, the US, and London, expanding its team and launching specialized units to become the largest independent broker in Bermuda. Now, the reinsurance business of Ardonagh Specialty is being renamed to Price Forbes Re. This rebranding includes consolidating the operations of Inver Re in London and Bermuda and Equinox Re in the US.

Price Forbes aims to leverage over 100 years of expertise in specialist insurance brokering to create an energetic, entrepreneurial, progressive, and bold reinsurance specialist business. Bonard emphasized that Price Forbes Re will adopt a new approach to reinsurance, breaking away from traditional models to provide the flexibility needed in today’s rapidly changing world. The company aims to offer fresh perspectives and drive innovation in risk management, drawing on its rich history of pioneering solutions in the industry.

Ardonagh Specialty serves as a holding company and growth platform for leading independent brokers in the wholesale, specialty, and reinsurance sectors. It is a subsidiary of the Ardonagh Group, a UK-based independent insurance distribution platform that ranks among the top 20 brokers globally.

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