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In 2022, Apple sued Rivos for stealing its trade secrets related to computer-chip technology. The lawsuit accused Rivos of hiring away Apple’s engineers and using confidential information to develop competing SoC technology. SoCs are integrated circuits with multiple computer components in a single chip.

Apple claimed that it had invested billions of dollars and over a decade of research into its SoC designs, revolutionizing the personal and mobile computing worlds. Rivos denied the allegations and countersued Apple for unfair competition, claiming that the company sought to punish the startup and any employees who sought to work there.

Last month, Apple settled related claims against six former employees who left the company to join Rivos. The settlement allowed Apple to examine Rivos’ systems and recover any confidential information that may have been stolen. However, representatives for both companies did not immediately comment on the settlement.

The lawsuit and settlement highlight the intense competition and disputes in the fast-paced world of technological innovation. As companies strive to stay ahead of the curve, they often engage in aggressive tactics to protect their intellectual property and maintain a competitive edge. This can lead to legal battles that can drag on for years, draining resources from both parties involved.

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