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The City of Ann Arbor has launched the Green Business Challenge, a pilot project aimed at assisting local businesses in implementing sustainable changes to their operations. Missy Stults, director of Ann Arbor’s Office of Sustainability and Innovation, emphasizes the crucial role that businesses will play in helping the city achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. She believes that collaboration and innovation within the business community are vital for promoting sustainability values.

The program offers participating businesses points for engaging in various challenges such as installing compost and recycling bins or committing to a zero-waste pledge. Stults hopes to have 20-30 businesses involved in the initial phase to provide feedback and make necessary adjustments. The ultimate goal is to expand the program to include 50 to 100 businesses by year-end.

The Green Business Challenge is coordinated by Stults’ office in partnership with Ann Arbor SPARK. Its objective is to encourage businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices and contribute to the city’s sustainability efforts. To support non-commercial, fact-based reporting at WEMU, please consider making a financial contribution today. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for more local news updates, and contact us at [734.487.3363](ntouch://call/734.487.3363 “Call 734-487-3363 using Sorenson VRS”) or []( for questions or news tips.

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