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Jill Cockson, owner of the Chartreuse Saloon in the Crossroads District, is anxious about the outcome of the stadium sales tax vote. She believes that the future of her business and the community as a whole depends on it. Like many other business owners in the area, she is feeling uncertain and stressed out about what may come next.

Matt Adkins, a fan of the Kansas City Royals for 12 years, is also feeling uneasy about recent developments. He owns The Pairing in the Crossroads and is trying to maintain order amidst the uncertainty surrounding the stadium sales tax vote. Adkins described the atmosphere in the district as tense and anxiety-inducing.

Despite their concerns, both Adkins and Cockson recognize that they are part of a vibrant community that values hard work and creativity. They hope for a swift resolution to the situation so they can move forward with their plans and continue to contribute to what makes Kansas City unique.

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