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The deadline for submitting candidacies for the presidency of Confindustria is midnight today, and several candidates have already presented their bids. One of the first to do so is Alberto Marenghi, who is currently serving as vice president with the delegation for organization, development, and marketing.

Marenghi was born in Mantua in 1976 and has a long history in the paper industry. He is the CEO of his family’s paper mill in Mantua and also serves as president and CEO of Cartiera Galliera, a company he founded in Padua in 2010. In addition, he is the vice president of Sumus Italia, which he founded in Milan in 2013.

Marenghi’s experience and expertise in the paper industry make him a strong candidate for the presidency of Confindustria. As vice president with responsibility for organization, development, and marketing, he has demonstrated his ability to lead effectively and drive growth within the organization. With his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, Marenghi would bring valuable insights and leadership skills to this important role.

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