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Dubrovnik-based artist Igor Hajdarhodžić is a man of many talents. Known to the general public as an actor, he also boasts skills in music, painting, sculpture, caulking, merchanting, pedagogy, and word juggling. However, acting does not come naturally to him; he admits that it is difficult to “get over” what he studied. In recent years, Igor has been focusing more on other forms of art such as painting and music.

In his workshop in Dubrovnik, Igor lists off his hobbies and explains how he divides his time between them all. He enjoys the freedom that comes from being able to move between different artistic expressions throughout the day. Despite spending 26 years of his life in the theater, Igor has stepped away from acting due to dissatisfaction with the current theater scene’s answers to serious questions. He reminisces about his early days in theater and how it led him down his current path.

Igor’s interests and skills have allowed him to pursue various hobbies such as painting and working with his hands. He sees this path as fulfilling and believes that art is a way for him to express concerns about society and the exodus of people from Dubrovnik. He is optimistic about the future and has even started a shipbuilding school for young generations to learn from him.

Children often inspire Igor, just as much as he inspires them. He believes that caulking holds great potential for the future of craftsmanship and hopes that children’s interest in working with their hands will ensure its survival. While he acknowledges some dissatisfaction with state intervention in shipbuilding and a lack of cultural appreciation for national heritage, Igor remains committed to restoring old ships and consulting on boat design. His success stems from an unwavering love for his work and an ability to let life guide his plans rather than relying on institutions for support.

Today, in his workshop next to the Sponza Palace, Igor continues to pursue all of his interests with passion and vigor while remaining optimistic about what the future holds for both himself and the art world around him.

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