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Carol Wieneke, a beloved friend to everyone at Sanford Health, is retiring after 60 years of working as an LPN at Sanford Luverne. For six decades, she has been known for her caring nature and passion for people.

Carol’s niche has always been people as she has been recognized for her ability to provide excellent care to both patients and staff. Her colleague of 13 years, Cheryl Groen, spoke highly of Carol’s character and emphasized how much she truly cares about those around her. Groen knows that Carol will always be her friend forever and will stop by to volunteer at the hospital and check in with everyone from time to time.

Carol believes that if people don’t enjoy their work, then they won’t do good work. Throughout her career, she has learned to find joy in the simple moments and keep choosing to see the joy in everything she does. As she reflects on her time at Sanford Luverne, she is grateful for the many memories and relationships she has built during this time. She plans to continue being involved in healthcare in some capacity but looks forward to spending more time with family and friends outside of work.

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